Fluid Mechanics Links      


Fluid Dynamics

Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA)

Aerodynamics for Students (Notes)

Aerodynamics of Cycling

Aerofoil Coordinates Database (UIUC)

Aerofoil Simulator

Aerofoil Starting Flow Field (Animation)

Aerospace Digital Library

Aircraft Design Information Sources

Basics of Space Flight (JPL)

Bicycle Aerodynamics

Boundary Layer Research Inc.

Desktop Aeronautics

Helicopter Aviation/Aerodynamics

Interactive Aerofoil Analysis

Interactive Aerofoil Design

Lighter-Than-Air Craft (Airships)

NACA Aerofoil Coordinates

NACA Aerofoil Series

NACA Inlets

Paper Airplanes

Parachute Flight Testing

Project Ornithopter

Software for Aerodynamics and Aircraft Design (Virginia Tech)

Sports Ball Aerodynamics

Vortex Panel Method Codes (Naval Postgraduate School)

Wing-Tip Vortices


Bluff-Body Aerodynamics

Animations of Flows around Bluff Bodies

Circular Cylinder Near-Wake

Circular Cylinder Near-Wake

Circular Cylinder 3D Vortex Shedding - Animation

Curveball Simulator (NASA)

Golfball Aerodynamics

Helical Strakes

Karman Vortex Street and Circular Cylinder

Karman Vortex Street off Baja Peninsula

Karman Vortex Streets in Nature

Karman Vortices, Alexander Selkirk Island, Pacific Ocean

LES of Vortex Shedding from a Circular Cylinder

Parachute Aerodynamics and Design

Physics of Baseball

Physics of the Curveball (NIST)

Rigid and Flexible Circular Cylinders

Square Cylinder Vortex shedding - Animation

Turbulent Wake of a Circular Cylinder

Unsteady Boundary Layer Separation from a Cylinder

Vortex Image Gallery

Vortex Shedding General Background

Vortex Shedding Simulation

Wake and Jet Flow Fields with PIV

Wake of a Circular Cylinder Using Stereo PIV


Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)



CFD Animations

CFD Codes List

CFD Online


CFD Review


NAS (NASA Advanced Supercomputing Division)

Virtual Album of Fluid Motion




Aerospace Industries Association of Canada (AIAC)

AIAA Wright Flyer Project

Aircraft Range Simulator - interactive (NASA)


Aircraft Museum

Airliner Photos

Alenia Aerospace

ATR Aircraft

BAE Systems

Bell Helicopter Textron




Canadian Space Agency (CSA)

Cardinal Flyers Online


Conair Aviation

DAR Corporation

Dassault Aviation


Eclipse Aviation


Engine Simulator - interactive (NASA)



European Space Agency (ESA)

Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA)

F-22 Raptor


Found Aircraft Canada Inc.

General Electric Aircraft Engines

Guide to Russian Combat Aircraft


Hawker Beechcraft

International Aero Engines (IAE)

Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI)

Kaman Aerospace

Military Transport Aircraft (The Aviation Zone)



Orenda Aerospace

Piper Aircraft

Pratt & Whitney

Pratt & Whitney Canada



Scaled Composites



Spar Aerospace

Textron Lycoming

The Airchive.com

United States Air Force

US Centennial of Flight Commission

V-22 Osprey Tiltrotor

V-22 Osprey Tiltrotor

World Airport Guide

Wright Aeronautical Engineering Collection



15th Annual Conference of the CFD Society of Canada (CFD2007), May 27-31, 2007, Toronto

21st Canadian Congress of Applied Mechanics (CANCAM 2007), June 3-7, 2007, Toronto

IUTAM Symposium on Unsteady Separated Flows and their Control, June 18-22, 2007, Kerkyra (Corfu), Greece

11th EUROMECH European Turbulence Conference (ETC11), June 2007, Portugal

5th International Symposium on Turbulence and Shear Flow Phenomena (TSFP5), August 2007, Munich

International Workshop on Physical Modelling of Flow and Dispersion Phenomena (PHYSMOD 2007), August 29-31, 2007, University of Orléans, France

7th International Symposium on Cable Dynamics, December 10-13, 2007, Vienna

5th Conference on Bluff Body Wakes and Vortex-Induced Vibrations (BBVIV-5), December 12-15, 2007, Costa do Sauipe, Bahia, Brazil

7th International ERCOFTAC Symposium on Engineering Turbulence Modelling and Measurements, June 4-6, 2008, Limassol, Cyprus NEW

Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering, CSME Forum 2008, June 5-8, 2008, Ottawa Canada

FIV 2008, 9th International Conference on Flow-Induced Vibrations, June 30-July 3, 2008, Prague

14th International Symposium on Applications of Laser Techniques to Fluid Mechanics, July 7-10, 2008, Lisbon

16th Annual Conference of the CFD Society of Canada, June 8-10, 2008, Saskatoon NEW

BBAA 6, Sixth International Colloquium on Bluff Body Aerodynamics & Applications, July 20-24, 2008, Milan



Engineering Education

Aircraft Design, Synthesis and Analysis (Stanford course)

Beginner's Guide to Aerodynamics (NASA) - site index

Merriam-Webster Online (dictionary and thesaurus)

MIT School-Wide Modular Program for Fluid Mechanics

MIT OpenCourseWare

National Engineering Education Delivery System (NEEDS)

Virtual Engineering/Science Laboratory

Virtual Fluids Laboratory (IIHR)

Virtual Physics Laboratory

World Lecture Hall


Flow-Induced Vibrations and Fluid-Structure Interactions

Flow Over a Flexible Cable

History of the Tacoma Narrows Bridge

Tacoma Narrows Bridge


Flow Visualization

Flow Visualization: A Course in the Physics and Art of Fluid Flow

Flow Visualization Pictures and Movies (Virginia Tech)

Fluid Mechanics (and other) video clips

Gallery of Flow Images - eFluids.com

Gallery of Fluid Mechanics - Virginia Tech

Physics of Fluids Gallery of Fluid Motion


Fluid Mechanics Topics

Boundary Layer Applets

Boundary Layer Flow - Animation

Boundary Layer Background

Compressible Aerodynamics Calculator

Compressible Flow Movies

Compressible Flow Tables

Converging-Diverging Nozzle Applet

Schlieren Photography

Supersonic Flow

CTR's Gallery of Turbulent Flows

Ideal flow

Irrotational Flow Lecture Notes and Examples

Moody Diagram

Navier-Stokes Equations

Pipe Friction Calculator

Potential flow applets

Shear flow kinematics animation

Sources and vortices

Superposition of potential flows - APPLET

Stagnation point flow animation

Turbulent Boundary Layer Data

Vector fields - APPLET

Vortex panel method



Fluid Dynamics Links - Princeton University

Fluid Dynamics Links 2

Fluid Dynamics Links 3

Fluid Mechanics Links - Virginia Tech (Prof. Mark Cramer)

Fluid & Solid Mechanics Related Web Pages

Sports Aerodynamics



Aerospace Heritage Foundation of Canada

Canadian Aviation Heritage Centre (CAHC)

Canadian Aviation Historical Society

Canada Aviation Museum

Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum

Heroes of Engineering (ASME) comic book

History of some dimensionless numbers

Fluid Mechanics Hall of Fame

Hiller Aviation Museum

Heat Transfer Hall of Fame

History of Science and Fluid Mechanics Links - Virginia Tech (Prof. Mark Cramer)

Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center

Museum of Flight (Seattle)

National Air and Space Museum (USA)

National Aviation Hall of Fame (USA)

National Museum of Naval Aviation (USA)

Royal Air Force Museum - Hendon

Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) History Site

Toronto Aerospace Museum

USAF Museum

Virginia Aviation Museum



A.A. Lab Systems hot-wire anemometry

Aerotech A.T.E.


Airflow Instruments

ATI force balances *

Auspex Scientific hot-wire anemometry

Dantec Dynamics velocity measurement systems *

Dell Computers *

IBM Desktop Computers *


JR3 Multiaxis Load Cells force balances

Kanomax USA PIV systems

LaVision PIV systems

Lenovo (IBM) ThinkPad *

Measurement Uncertainty (NIST)

National Instruments data acquisition systems *

New Wave lasers *

Nixon Flowmeters *

Oxford Lasers PIV systems

PIV Challenge 2003

PIV Standard Images (Japan Society of Visualization)

PIV Standard Projects (Japan Society of Visualization)

PIVTEC GmbH PIV systems

Rolling Hills Research Corporation water tunnel force balances

Scanivalve pressure scanners *

Tao Systems hot-film arrays

TSI velocity measurement systems *

Turbulent Flow Instrumentation multi-component pressure probes

United Sensor Corporation pressure probes *

URAPIV open source Matlab toolbox for PIV analysis

Validyne Engineering pressue transducers *

VioSense Corporation miniature LDV systems

* These instrumentation products are used with the University of Saskatchewan Low-Speed Wind Tunnel and in the Experimental Fluid Mechanics Laboratory.

Interactive look at digital sampling and filtering.


Journals, Magazines and Technical Reports

Aeronautical Journal

AIAA Journal

Annual Review of Fluid Mechanics

Applied Ocean Research  SCIENCE DIRECT

ASME e-Library

Atmospheric Environment  SCIENCE DIRECT

Aviation Week & Space Technology

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Journal

Computers & Fluids  SCIENCE DIRECT

Coastal Engineering Journal

Environmental Fluid Mechanics

European Journal of Mechanics - B/Fluids  SCIENCE DIRECT

Exp. Thermal & Fluid Science  SCIENCE DIRECT

Experimental Techniques

Experiments in Fluids

Flight International

Flow Measurement & Instrumentation  SCIENCE DIRECT

Flow, Turbulence & Combustion

Fluid Dynamics and Materials Processing

Fluid Dynamics Research  SCIENCE DIRECT

International Journal for Numerical Methods in Fluids

International Journal of Computational Fluid Dynamics

International Journal of Heat & Fluid Flow  SCIENCE DIRECT

International Journal of Heat & Mass Transfer

Journal of Aerospace Engineering - Part G (IMechE)

Journal of Aircraft (AIAA)

Journal of Flow Visualization & Image Processing

Journal of Fluid Mechanics

Journal of Fluids and Structures  SCIENCE DIRECT

Journal of Fluids Engineering (ASME)

Journal of Hydraulic Engineering (ASCE)

Journal of Hydraulic Research (IAHR)

Journal of Mathematical Fluid Mechanics

Journal of Mechanical Engineering Science - Part C (IMechE)

Journal of Offshore Mechanics & Arctic Engineering (ASME)

Journal of Sound and Vibration  SCIENCE DIRECT

Journal of Turbulence

Journal of Visualization

Journal of Wind Eng. & Industrial Aerodynamics  SCIENCE DIRECT

JSME International J. Series B (Fluids & Thermal Eng.)

McGill Univ. Mechanical Engineering Technical Reports

Measurement Science & Technology

NACA Technical Reports

NASA Technical Reports

Ocean Engineering  SCIENCE DIRECT

Physical Review E

Physical Review Letters

Physics of Fluids

Progress in Aerospace Sciences  SCIENCE DIRECT

Review of Scientific Instruments

Scientific American

Sports Engineering

Theoretical & Computational Fluid Dynamics

Virtual Technical Reports

Wind & Structures

Wind Energy

For other online journals with full-text access, see the University of Saskatchewan's Library's list of Electronic Journals

For a search of Canadian M.Sc. and Ph.D. theses, use the Theses Canada Portal (National Library of Canada)

For a search of non-Canadian M.Sc. and Ph.D. theses, use the UMI Digital Dissertations Service

For information on conducting online searches, read this article from PC Magazine

For comprehensive search of the engineering literature, use Engineering Village 2

ISI Journal Title Abbreviations

Google Scholar

Community of Science (COS) Database (Funding Opportunities)

Community of Science (COS) Database (Scholar Universe)

Journal Impact Factors and Citation Analysis NEW



Animal Flight Group

Atmosphere Simulator - NASA

Bad Coriolis (the bathtub vortex problem)

Bird flow visualization

EPA Atmospheric Dispersion Models and Codes

International Standard Atmosphere

Stereo PIV study of flow around a fish

Water waves

Wind Engineering Notes



Dimensionless Groups

Fluid Properties Calculator

Fundamental Physical Constants (NIST)

International Standard Atmosphere (ISA)

Javascript Calculator Boutique for fluid mechanics, engineering and science - Virginia Tech

NIST Reference on Constants, Units and Uncertainty

NRC Web Clock

Official U.S. Time

Reynolds number calculator

Standard Atmosphere Calculator

Standard Atmosphere Calculator

The Thermal Wizard - Heat Transfer Calculations

Thermodynamic properties of air

Unit conversion


Research Centres and Groups

BMT Fluid Mechanics Limited

Center for Turbulence Research (CTR)

CPP Wind Engineering Consultants

Fluid Dynamics Research Laboratories - Cornell University

Fluid Dynamics - Lehigh University

Fluid Dynamics - Virginia Tech

FLAIR - Monash University

Fluids Research Centre (University of Surry)

Graduate Aeronautical Laboratories - CALTECH

Iowa Institute of Hydraulic Research (IIHR)

JDH Consulting wind engineering

Laboratoire d'etudes aerodynamiques (Universite de Poitiers)

NASA Ames Research Center

National Research Council of Canada (NRC)

National Underwater and Marine Agency (NUMA)

National Wind Technology Center (NWTC)

NRC Institute for Aerospace Research (IAR)

NRC Institute for Marine Dynamics (IMD)

Sports Science and Engineering Technology (SET) Network

University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR)

University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies (UTIAS)

University of Washington Aeronautical Laboratory (UWAL)

von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics (VKI)



American Association for Wind Engineering (AAWE)

American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA)

American Physical Society (APS)

American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)

American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE)

American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)


Australian Wind Engineering Society (AWES)

The Canadian Academy of Engineering

Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute (CASI)

Canadian Foundation for Climate & Atmos. Sci. (CFCAS)

Canadian Society for Mechanical Engineering (CSME)


Institution of Mechanical Engineers, UK (IMechE)


International Council of the Aeronautical Sciences (ICAS)

International Society of Offshore and Polar Engineers (ISOPE)

International Sports Engineering Association (ISEA)

Japan Association for Wind Engineering (JAWE)

Japan Society of Fluid Mechanics (JSFM)

Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers (JSME)

Korean Society of Mechanical Engineers (KSME)

The Society of Naval Architects of Korea (SNAK)

Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE)

Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers (SNAME)


Wind Tunnels and Test Facilities

Advanced Technologies Inc. (Wind Tunnel Models)


Aero Systems Engineering

The Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel Laboratory (UWO)


Engineering Laboratory Design (ELD) Inc.

German-Dutch Wind Tunnels (DNW)

Kirsten Wind Tunnel (UWAL)

Long Win (wind tunnels and instrumentation)

MIT Towing Tank (Dept. of Ocean Eng.)

NASA Wind Tunnels

NASA Wind Tunnels - History

NRC IAR Aerodynamics Laboratory

Oceanic Consulting (Towing Tanks)

Rolling Hills Research Corporation


SATA - Subsonic Aerodynamic Testing Association

STAI - Supersonic Tunnel Association, International

Trimodels Inc. (Wind Tunnel Models)

University of Saskatchewan Low-Speed Wind Tunnel

Wind Tunnel Sites (NASA list)





Flow Induced Noise Control Lab.
Division of Aerospace · Naval Architecure & Ocean Engineering  

College of Engineering, Chungnam National University